About Me

Hello I'm Leo. 

I'm a developer based in the UK and have experience across web applications, dev-ops, data engineering and cloud platforms.

Shortly after graduating university with a Physics degree, I joined a small company called Quantexa - a start up specialising in the use of network analytics and big data to combat financial crime and money laundering. Being a developer in a fledgling company gave me the opportunity to work in a range of different areas of the business - from building big data ETL applications in Scala & Spark, to implementing a cloud based SAS project environment in GCP.

In my spare time I enjoy combining the skills I have acquired with some creativity - especially when designing websites or building bespoke web applications. If you have a project and think my skills and experience could benefit please get in touch.

So far I have worked on an ever growing number of spare time projects both personally and in the open source community. Check out some of them for yourself...



Tools i've used recently

Jack of many trades... master of a growing number